Our Story

Welcome to Kluang Station, here you will find not only a local fusion of authentic Hainanese food, but also a true homepage to the Chinese Culture and tradition, resonating with the nostalgia of a time-worn train station.


Prior to the existence of Western Cafes, our local coffee culture was centered on the average local kopitiams. However, as the rise of Western Cafes began to peak, the continued interests of the local folks in kopitiam outlets began to pickup resulting in the establishment of many kopitiam franchises.

More and more people began to embrace local coffee culture. It was no wonder then that Kluang Station began to gain popularity with local folks. Soon, the brand Kluang Station became synonymous with popular shopping malls as a place to enjoy and indulge in Hainanese coffee.

Now, a cup of plain Hainan coffee can be frequently seen as a perfect accompaniment to our range of delicious food and snacks. Its boldness in taste and aroma draws in local Hainanese coffee connoisseurs. Kluang Station Being the purveyor of bold tasting Hainanese Kopi O.


During the British colonial period, many Chinese migrated to the shores of Malaya in search of a better livelihood. Hainanese migrants from the island of Hainan were among the the last of the Chinese clans to arrive. The other clans who arrived earlier have established themselves in local businesses. Hence the Hainanese turn to the Food and Beverage industry which was not so established here in Malaya – particularly coffee shops and canteens including those in railway stations then. The British too employed them as chefs, cooks, waiters and waitresses due to their affinity to the F&B industry.

This led to the creation of Hainanese recipes which is fusion of their original and local recipes at that time. At Kluang Station today we continue that tradition of serving you the fusion food that was appreciated by the locals through the years. Enjoy.